Hawke Ventures Fellows Program

12 week program that helps equip the world’s most talented underrepresented professionals with the tools to succeed in venture.

The Problem

Capable founders aren't getting funding when they should be and venture firms aren't teaching them how to properly to get it.


Black founders raised 1.4% of all 2021 venture capital funding.


US startups with a Latino founder received just 2.1 percent of venture capital funding in 2021.


In 2019, 2.8% of funding went to women-led startups; in 2020, that fell to 2.3%.

The Solution

We recruit underrepresented professionals, teach them about venture fundamentals for 12 weeks, and create a non-judgmental environment that allows them to network with top professionals and grow towards reaching their venture goals.

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Our Notable Stats

Racially Diverse
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The Fellows Program

Curriculum/ Programming

You will be immersed in real-world venture class covering due diligence, entrepreneurship, and deal sourcing. You will receive fundamental training in venture followed by supplemental teachings and not publicly shared insights from organizations and venture experts who care about changing the look at the cap table.


We create personalized opportunities by connecting you with high quality venture firms and professional students across a wide range of industries like consulting, banking, entertainment, software engineering, fashion, non-profit management, entrepreneurship and many more. As the cohorts grow, you will have access to our growing ecosystem that expands your professional network and opportunities to thrive in the venture world.


The Hawke Ventures Fellows Program collaborates with local organizations and passionate individuals to find high quality candidates to make sure that our cohorts are engaged and eager to participate in our learning studio.

Our Benefits

Underrepresented Professionals Join our Fellows Program For

  • Professional Development
  • Access to venture capital experts for personalized mentorship
  • Learn empowering content to fuel career opportunities or start their own
  • A powerful community of underrepresented leaders
  • Insights into a venture capital world that aren’t typically shared
Companies Join our Fellows Program to
  • Access to VC’s
  • Recruit top underrepresented professionals
  • Speak and share their company knowledge to our cohorts
  • Receive early visibility on not publicly shared insights
  • Say they’re invested in their own underrepresented talent
  • Receive facilitated access to our peers
  • Share opportunities and firm-specific material to interested clients

Curriculum Overview

The Hawke Ventures Fellows Program collaborates with local organizations and passionate individuals to find high quality candidates to make sure that our cohorts are engaged and eager to participate in our learning studio.

Week 1

Introduction to Hawke. Raising Capital, The Players, Term Sheets, Cap Tables, and Convertible Debt

Week 2

How VC Funds Work, How Hawke Ventures Works, Our Thesis, Scoring Deals

Week 3

Digging into Founders: What Makes A Good Founder, The Founder Why, and What Makes Great Startup Bones

Week 4

More on Term Sheets, Deal Scoring, and Dealflow

Week 5

Review on Founders, The I in FIS-FACT, Markets & Sizing, Competition, & What Does Disruption Mean

Week 6

Metrics of Scale, Questions to Ask Founders, Relative Scale, Examples

Week 7

Types of Funnels, The Growth Flywheel, Good Marketing

Week 8

How VCs are “Actionable”, The Hawke Media Business

Week 9

How to Approach ‘Customer’, Diligence Customer, Industry VS Market VS Customer, Hawke’s Ideal Customer

Week 10

Evaluating timing as it relates to the Market, Traction, Scale, and Valuation

Week 11

Taking a potential investment opportunity and doing further investigation

Week 12

What to do next with your newfound venture knowledge

Educator Profile

Drew Leahy

Managing Partner and co-founder of Hawke Ventures, an early stage commerce enablement fund with over $30M under direct management, will be your primary instructor. He will be supplemented by various instructors that come from venture institutions across the industry.

Past Speakers

Here are a few examples of the past educators that
we’ve had come by to speak with our fellows.

Terell Sterling
Terell Sterling

Terell has a long history in the tech space in Silicon Valley and has made his mark at top companies such as Apple, Tesla, and, Oracle.

Evan Hamilton
Evan Hamilton

Evan Hamilton joined the Upfront investing team in 2021. Evan is a recent MBA graduate from MIT’s Sloan School of Management where he focused on Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship.

Amanda Schutzbank
Amanda Schutzbank

Amanda Schutzbank is the Co-Founder and General Partner at Willow Growth Partners, a Los Angeles-based investment fund that focuses on early-stage consumer brands.

Eric Bahn
Eric Bahn

Eric Bahn is a Co-Founder and General Partner at Hustle Fund, an early-stage venture capital firm based in San Francisco. Hustle Fund invests.

Marc Linao
Marc Linao

Before joining AET Fund, Linao was a senior multi-disciplined Engineer at aerospace and defense firm Raytheon. He had also spent time at the Rubicon Project and Amazon.

Rima Reddy
Rima Reddy

Rima earned her MBA from The Wharton School where she was a Dorm Room Fund Partner and CEO of StartU. Prior to Wharton.

Robbie Crabtree
Robbie Crabtree

He’s helped founders raise over $210 million in venture capital w/ world-class storytelling | Ex-trial lawyer w/ 102 trials | Founder of Performative Speaking.

Ashley Scorpio
Ashley Scorpio

Over the course of nearly a decade of work on and around Parliament Hill, Ms. Scorpio worked for some of Canada’s top political representatives.

Amy Wildstein
Amy Wildstein

Ms. Wildstein is Founder and Managing Partner of Suttona Capital, a spin-out fund of Springboard Growth Capital. She launched Suttona Capital in early 2021.

Participant Profile

Passionate Change Makers
Tool-Seeking Professionals
Career Explorers

Where our fellows come from

Our fellows come from Hubspot Ventures, Google, Techstars, the U.S. Navy, McKinsey & Company, Intel, TedX, and many more incredible organizations.

Student Testimonials

Take a look at just some of our amazing testimonials below!

Katleen Francois

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this." Update: Works at Chloe Capital.

Mara Chaben

"This program changed my life." Update: Works at Hawke Ventures.

Jared Williams

"Quite priceless. It’s very hard to replicate.” Update: Advises startups in Autism Tech.

Jess Lozano Schmitt

"I got a job...at Jet Blue Ventures.” Update: Works at Jet Blue Ventures.

Christian McKenzie

"I got an offer from Red Cedar Ventures!" Update: Works at Red Cedar Ventures.

Javier Bonilla-Mathe

“Beyond Excited [for scouted investment].” Update: Scouted $100K Deal for Hawke.

Video Testimonials

Thank you to our sponsors

Our sponsors help fuel our mission to keep training top underrepresented talent. This wouldn't happen without your help.


For Prospective Fellows

• When is the application deadline?

Apply before October 14th, 2022.

• Where should I direct a friend that wants to apply?
• How can I increase my chances of getting into the program?

We’ve noticed that students who put in considerable effort into their application and interviews perform better than students who don’t. We cannot guarantee anything if you do that, but this trend has been common over the past two cohorts.

• Do I need to prepare for the interview?

Consider your strengths and weaknesses along with practice analyzing a company if you were to invest in it. Pick a startup you think would be a good investment, practice breaking it down in the application, and prepare pitching it if accepted to the interview round.

• Do you take applications on a rolling basis?

We will be accepting applications until October 14th, 2022.

• What is expected of me as a student?

Attend class with camera on, complete the assigned FISFACT at the assigned deadline typically before the next class period, support each of your classmates in our collaborative environment.

• What if I miss more than 3 live classes?

You will be removed from the program.

• What if I miss more than 3 live classes because of an emergency?

This hasn’t happened to any fellow and if it does arise, we can handle this on a case by case basis.

• When does the program start?

October 25th.

• What about the holidays?

Our schedule will have a gap during the later weeks of December.

• When will the program end?

January 24th.

• What is the time commitment?

• Students spend 1.5 hours on Tuesday night at 5PM PT / 8PM ET learning in class.
• The FISFACT assignments take typically 1 hour to complete.
• In total, this should take ~2.5 hours each week. 3 hours to be safe.

• Who are my cohort-mates going to be?

We vet incredible people for you to engage with from different industries and interests.

• Who are some of the advisors I would be in reach of because of this program

We have 40+ organizations and 90+ advisors that have offered to engage with you.

• How much is the program?

The program is free of charge.

• Is this all virtual or are there in-person components too?

As of now this is all virtual. We intend to have our students in their respective cities host gatherings.

• Are there any hidden fees?

No. We want to start building out investment opportunities for you to invest your own capital, but these are not obligatory.

• This program used to be called a scout program and now it’s a fellows program, can I still apply to become a scout?

We are putting a hold on promoting every student to scout status. It is not expected of you to become a scout.

• Do I automatically become a scout by being a fellow?

No, only a few students that go above and beyond who have demonstrated interest in becoming scouts are eligible.

• If I am international, am I still eligible to apply?

We have had 2 international students before. We think they’re amazing and think that to maximize our ability to aid our students along their journey right now, we have to limit our applicant pool to the United States. We are working on getting international students in for later cohorts.

• If I’m still in college or just graduated college, am I eligible?

This program is designed for professionals who have been in their respective industries for at least 3-5 years. The chances of you getting into the program are much lower, but we have accepted a few recent graduates that were above and beyond in their experience.

• Does this program directly set me up with a venture capital firm?

No, we are building our pipeline of venture firms that are interested and can help facilitate introductions to increase your chances of success.

For Companies

• What are the sponsorship packages?

• Bronze - $5,000
• Silver - $7,500
• Gold - $10,000
• Platinum - Contact Team  

• What should I expect from sponsoring?

• Speaking opportunities
• Personal contact to coordinate introductions
• Opportunities to meet with potential clients
• Brand awareness through various social platforms  

• What if I want to provide in-kind sponsorship?

We consider discounted products or in-kind products that we can share with our students to engage with.

• What if I want to help in this initiative?

• We can sign you up as an advisor. The roles of an advisor could vary depending on your interests.
• This could include: (1) Virtual Office Hours sessions with our fellows (2) Speaking about your experience over a fireside chat (3) Providing feedback on pitches.
• Advisors typically help because they’re passionate about the mission, have a specific expertise they can help with, and are interested in meeting great people.

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