• +600 Monthly Clients
  • $10M+ In MCA financing
  • 1000+ Marketing Partners
  • 60+ Co-Investors
  • 300 Employees
  • 4 Successful Acquisitions

The Hawke Family

Hawke Ventures is part of the larger Hawke family. This gives us proprietary deal flow and insight into the world or marketing, MarTech, and access to experts for our diligence process.

Our Advantages


We are agency operators of a $100M+ marketing company, with 5+ years of investing experience. As seasoned martech and ecommerce investors, our Fund 1 markup is 2.2x in 2 years.


We have exclusive data from 4000+ brands, providing market intelligence behind due diligence and real industry company KPIs to understand the market better than any other firm.


We are marketers, salesmen, and operators. When we find the right fit we can quickly help fuel growth by injecting companies into Hawke Media.